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What to do w/ receipts?

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    Hi everyone,

    What do you do w/ your old receipts (purchasing stuffs in stores? Do you throw them away or keep them in a box just in case anything will happen?
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    I have to keep mine.

    I just got accepted financially for disability, so I'm required to keep them now. I have been doing ok for now, but it's not too critical yet because I haven't been accepted medically yet. Still waiting on that.

    I plan on getting folders to organize them on a monthly basis, and when the year ends, I'll put them in a yearly folder.

    Before this, I just through them out. Sometimes I shouldn't have because I could have returned things. I could have saved atleast $500 in the past 5 years.
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    It depends on what I buy. If its somthing really expensive(computer,TV,ect....), then I will keep the recipt for a little while.But anything else I will just throw them away.
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    Because of the way I do my taxes, I keep them all. Filed by week, month, then by year. I keep them for 5 years, only because the IRS says I half to. I've been doing it for over 20 yrs, so its a habit by now. I do recall when it was a chore.
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    Some of my VAT is claimed back off my petrol and Diesel receipts, otherwise I just keep them for however long the product is under warranty for, and bin them.
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    I tend to only keep receipts for items over a few hundred dollars.

    Oh, I have been getting into the habit of keeping prescription receipts, since they're deductible. I used to have a medical plan so that wasn't an issue up until recently.
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