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What to do when you have solved the riddle?

  1. Jun 13, 2004 #1
    Once you have worked it out, how do you tell people?
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    "i have solved the problem!"
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    First thing is 'to solve' , what the actual riddle is?
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    Really! I have too!
  6. Jun 13, 2004 #5
    The riddle is contextualized by the forum, the theory of everything.
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    You cannot possibly know a TOE, as if you did, you would have surely known that my response was intended to relay that you cannot possibly KNOW everything?..you did not know for instance that I knew the forum was relational to a conceptual Thoery Of Everything, defined by the Forum Title Heading.

    You actually 'assumed' that I did not know this!..your powers of observation fail you by default! :surprise:

    Quote by David Brent: Those of you who actually assume you know everything, are actually starting to annoy those of us who do? :smile:
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    Sorry for 'beating around the bush', I need help to develop the 'understanding' of this 'idea' with people, I have done considerable work but sussed the maths of it last night. Its very simple, in fact you can explain it with very basic mathematic principles.

    Some of this work is from my book : In Tune With Intelligence - A Global Strategy

    Its not released yet, niether is it written, I am hoping to distribute the 'understanding'.

    The book is a philoshopical foundation on which to approach an 'understanding' of AI and VR. The comment above
    is very interesting.

    I believe that when you 'ask the question, the right way' the answer is 'revealed'.
  9. Jun 15, 2004 #8
    what to do

    A. Tell them you are having a party
    B. Tell them you figured out T.O.E
    C. Watch as they laugh
    D. If you really did know it, now would be the time to prove them wrong
    E. Accept Nobel Prize... become smartest physicist allive
    F. Prepare a record, becasue you will be saying the same thing over and over again.
    G. Have more parties.
    H. You are now rich and set for life.
  10. Jun 15, 2004 #9
    Olias said, "You cannot possibly know a TOE, as if you did, you would have surely known that my response was intended to relay that you cannot possibly KNOW everything?...."

    In physics the word "know" only means "pretty darn sure". So it's possible (in physics) to "know a TOE" without having used it to predict everything.
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    You shout, "Eureka!"

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    Would anyone like to come to a party, theres one starting here?

    I would like to try an experiment. I have a theory, this theory seems natural.

    I believe that anyone could be led to understand it, the idea is simple.

    A thought for you to consider:

    Do you notice the dualities?

    If there are 2 objects there is automatically a 3 rd object, the relationship between them.

    By saying there are 2 objects you are implying there is a relationship, i.e. there are '2' objects.

    In the statement '2 objects' there is an invisible relationship, the underlying structure.

    I say invisible because it is taken for granted (not noticed OR noticed on another level/by a subconsius aspect).

    In the above statement the structure is NUMBER * OBJECT TYPE

    With any dualities you are implying a 3rd object, so in real terms, a daulity is actually 3 objects.


    There are dualities everywhere....
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