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What to do with poor GRE subject test score?

  1. Nov 12, 2012 #1
    Well, I decided to take the math GRE subject test. The score I received was actually quite a shock to me: 560 scaled score and 27% below (eww). I was getting 70-80% of the questions right on the two practice tests, and afterwards I felt like I knew around 60-70% of the questions. I must have really screwed up somehow! I will note that halfway through the test, I noticed I had 4 answers marked in their incorrect places, so I had to correct that. Will I be given my answers and what the correct answers were to check if something like this happened? If so, is there any way to have them fix this if I think it is likely that something like this happened?

    All that aside, let's assume that I really performed that poorly (that is possible). I am a math and physics major (double degree) and I have a 4.0 GPA. I have done 2 REUs and am actually having one of my REU papers being published in a regular journal. My regular gre is okay... (about average verbal and writing, near perfect quantitative) I feel like everything in my application is strong except for this darn subject test gre score... My question is, what sort of grad program(s) could I get into with this score, and should I even bother adding it to my application? I am *very* disappointed in it and I do not feel like it accurately indicates my mathematical knowledge.

    There were some nice grad programs I was thinking about applying to, so should I not bother applying to these programs? A lot of the programs I was wanting to apply to either require the score or *strongly* suggest it. If everything else on my application is very strong, do I still have a shot? Should I omit these scores from my application on applications that do not require them? I'm really not sure what to do because I wasn't expecting to get this sort of score really! Any advice would be appreciated.
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