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What to do?

  1. Dec 23, 2006 #1
    I kinda fell for my 6th form physics teacher, and he's asked me to pop in sometimes and say hi or send a lot of email, when i saw him the other day.
    I want to move on, so i've not popped in to sat hi or anything, because my head messes up if i see him (he's not even that gd looking), but i feel really guilty because i said i will go in and see them, ( It'd be rude if i said, no i wont). what to do? shall go? but then I can't concentrate on my work for days after. then a part of me does want to go cause i miss them.
    and i don't like looking back, i get emotional because of things (sentimental?) and sad. Don't think im a emotionally strong person.
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    I don't understand. Does he know how you feel?
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    no, well i havn't told him, that would just be awkward, and i would definatly avoid him then.
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    I don t know how you should feel, but i know that there is something wrong with a teacher that sends a bunch of emails to his female student. It is called a really bad name. i am not going to say it. You just need to know it is a really bad name.
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    That's a rather sweeping statement. A girl that I met at university was quite good friends with her college maths teacher, and so they sent each other emails quite a bit. You've got to remember that this is at 6th form, not school, and so the majority of students are adults!
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    nooo, he hasn't sent me any email, he's asking me, now i've finished 6th form and don't see him (only the other day went to get certificates he mentioned this) to: to pop in and say hi or send him email.
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    So what if the students are adults? It is still inappropriate to you know what.
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    I don't know what 'form' means, but if you are an adult as cristo said, then you are perfectly free to pursue any sort of relationship you want with him. This is particularly true if you are no longer his student after leaving 6th. Just be careful that you don't misconstrue his intent as to maintaining contact. His interest might not be romantic, so you'll have to deal with that the same way that you would in a non-school environment.
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    Well, i guess i am free to date by instructors then...
  11. Dec 24, 2006 #10
    Well, I guess I am free to stalk - err, I mean romance - my parole officer.
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