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What to do?

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    So im an electric engineer student. Still taking my prerequisite classes (this semester im taking Calculus II, Chemistry I, Economics for Engineers and Communication for engineers) but i have a bit of free time and want to start learning about electronics..

    In the pass i have built a small robot using arduino (http://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=14402), i have done multiple things with arduino but that was the biggest.. I also bought an STK500 AVR board, but since i dont know alot of C i got bored and trough it in a box, i also did a bit of work with 555 (basic timer), i stared reading "The Art of Electronics" but got bored in chapter one, so i stopped reading it..

    So what should i do? what you guys recommend??
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    What seems interesting to you? You have experience w/ the arduino -- there are tons of different projects you could do with one!

    Also "The Art of Electronics" is more a a reference book rather than a fun read. Useful, and also practical if you're looking for some way to put yourself to sleep.

    Also your robot looks really cool!
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