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What to focus on?

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    Iam self-studying pre-calculus, I just wanted to know what topics should I be focusing on in Pre-Calculus so ican move on to and be fully prepared for Calculus thats all and thank you,

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    Focus on MOST of it. The only parts which you can really skip for PreCalculus are the linear algebra sections and the probability sections, both which you can rigorously pick later and more deeply. There may be a few sections of Trigonometry which could be temporarily omitted, but I would be afraid to suggest which parts those are.

    At the very minimum, you will need all of Intermediate Algebra, and much/most of Trigonometry.
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    Know how to manipulate an equation algebraically. Make sure you know rational functions, logarithm, exponential, trig etc. As well as some basic trig identities.
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