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What to listen to while I move

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    I have to move my stuff from my current dorm to a dorm in a building nearby. Does anyone know of any good series on iTunesU that I could listen to while I carry my stuff? I am interested mostly in the science and technology lectures. I am trying to find something that is not too complicated (since I will carrying like 40 pounds while I listen and it will be hard to concentrate) but is still useful knowledge to have.

    I guess it does not have to be on iTunesU as long as it is educational and free.

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    Shakira could teach you how to shake your hips. I suppose you could hypnotize your professors with it or something. :tongue:
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    Why would you listen to lectures while doing heavy lifting that prevents you from focusing on anything? Go for some music with a beat to it to keep you moving and then when you're done you can relax and listen to anything else you like.
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    I agree. Pick up some music you like as opposed to a lecture.

    After you are done working and relaxing then put on a lecture or something like it. You'll be able to absorb and retain the information much better this way.
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    No way! I don't want to stop learning just because I have to move to another dorm for the summer! I can keep moving fine with no beat. Its intellectual stimulation I need to keep moving. No one has any suggestions?
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    Maybe you could find some of Walter Lewin's lectures there?
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    I really don't understand these sorts of threads, or why you feel you should study the whole time. Furthermore, as I recall Cyrus saying, why don't you spend the time that you put into these threads studying?

    Anyway, I don't think it will be beneficial to listen to lectures whilst undertaking a menial job like this. If you really listen and concentrate, then you may end up walking into a wall, or dropping your TV or something like that!

    In another thread you say that you're taking suggestions on which piece of music to play. Why not see if you can get some of these on mp3 and listen to them? That way, when you come to play them, you'll have some familiarity with the pieces.
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    I don't understand these responses at all. I would have just taken away the context and just asked "what series are interesting on iTunesU?" if I knew people would respond this way. Why should I have to defend my desire to learn while I perform physical labor? I see no reason why the two are not compatible. I just wanted help picking out a lecture series because there are SO MANY and its hard to figure out which ones are worthwhile until I am done listening to them.

    cristo, do you really think I have a TV?
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    Heh. You can find many sets of audio lectures on MIT's OCW website. I'm not sure what you're interested in. You can look at the syllabus for each course there, so you can decide what's not too complicated and what is.
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    If you don't want people to comment on what your doing then don't post it on a public internet forum!:rolleyes::biggrin:

    Anyway, as you say, to each his own. For lectures I also recommend MIT's OCW site. I don't have much experience with ITunesU, so I can't comment on that.
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    Do you even listen to your own statements?

    Do you have your stuff moved yet, or are you still sitting around trying to decide on a lecture to listen to? By the time you're done putzing around picking a lecture and posting here about it, you would have had time to get the move done AND rest afterward with any lecture you want to listen to.

    Listen to whatever you'd listen to when running...and count the exercise of moving toward your running time.

    And, since you just posted recently about wanting to make a fresh start here, how about not asking inane questions when you know you're not going to get the answer you're fishing for?
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    This conversion reminded me of something (it doesn't have much to do with it though). There's a woman (one of a couple that I talk to) that asks for 'help' with her problems--sometimes she just talks about the problems, not specifically 'asking' for help, but implies she 'wants' help----and, I know that I'm not the only one she talks to about all of it---and, 99% of the time she doesn't act on any level of the advice (and, yes, I know the 'old' saying abut advice)--

    There was a woman in a movie---'when harry met sally...' --that keep asking for asking about her 'problems' (dating a married man)----and her answer back through most of the movie was--"yeah...... I know....."

    That woman, that I talk to, says about the same thing---which I take to mean---" yeah, I know what you're saying is true, but I have my own ideas, and, even if my own ideas are wrong, (and my own ideas are just about almost always wrong or don't work out in this area) I am going to do them anyway, because I want what I want, and when I want something, I don't care what you suggest, because I know better."

    Anyway, I still try to 'help' her, because she's a nice person.
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