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What to make of the cattle mutilations

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    What do you guys make of the cattle and some times human mutilations. After considering all the details make sure any explanation take into account most of the details. Beware if the concept to you is too disturbing to consider then I would avoid looking into it. It seemed a good topic in that it seemed to be unexplainable and yet I was wondering if some one here might have a good explanation.



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    I carefully watched the videos posted in the OP. And I have casually followed this disturbing subject for over 20 years, reading most of the important published literature. On the Yakama Reservation in Washington State and on Navaho lands in Arizona, I have seen dead cows close up.

    Firstly, the wikipedia article should be reviewed:

    Secondly, any discussion of aliens or ET should be avoided, as there are plenty of better hypotheses to explain the phenomena. And it is anyway ruled out by the new rules for this forum, which will hopefully make for less hysterical and more thoughtful discussion.

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    Aye well I wasn't stating that they are ufo's, or aliens, or leperchauns either but the video does hilight that lights were seen around the sites. And photos taken. But thats just the evidence that was gathered and up to the consumer of that information to make up their own mind. I have to admit the human mutilations and the account the mufon investigator gave were disturbing. That is the man being also drained of blood and the first hand whitness account of a cord draging the man off. Then they arrested the whitness and later on the body was droped right back where it was taken from. While the supposed perpetrator was in custody. The fact that it's been going on for so long with from what I can tell no caught perpetrators seems to be another problem. The anal coring... seems odd and one has to wonder why? But it is part of the organ system.

    But again I am not stating what it is thats doing it or even that the presenters are legitimate. Thats up to the interpretation of the person assimilating the information. I am sure there has to be some explanation to the phenomena and it may not be exactly what the media portrays it to be.

    Also thanks for the wikipeda post. I was going to include to written literature this morning but you got to it before me. I'll see if I can find the time to add some more.
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    I think it is very difficult to have a meaningful discussion of the cited human mutilation, or any human mutilation case, because of the rarity of the phenomenon, lack of depth or corroboration of any study material thus far presented, and the lack of provenance, credentials or acceptability (in this forum) of any MUFON investigator or presentation.

    Here, a sober discussion of animal mutilation associated phenomena as a whole may be possible, but I have my doubts. I think we (this forum) would be doing quite well to accept it as a reality in the first place, a minor problem for a few ranchers secondly, a quick list of possible explanations, then finally let it go as a disturbing mystery, best discussed elsewhere.

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    I suppose the topic might seem too disturbing to discuss openly it would seem.
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    ^^^This is the right idea. I've seen dead people before, but never anything like that seen in the gruesome Guarapiranga reservoir morgue shots shown in your link. Supposedly, the coroner said the poor man was killed by lightning and subsequently mutilated by the low-lifes living around the reservoir. I prefer to think that lightning alone did it.

    If I were you, I'd politely ask the moderator to delete this thread.

    Respectfully submitted,
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    Hmm well I think I will wait and see what the general consensus is and leave it up to the moderators what they want to do. If no one is intersted I guess it won't get any responses. I did give a warning at the beginning that for some it might be disturbing and not to look into it if it bothers ya. So I'll leave it at that.
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    The ramblings of confused ranchers and inept veterinarians does not make a compelling case for an unsolved 'mystery'. Scavenging is a widely accepted explanation.
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    Well thats a bit general to call them all confused ranchers and inept veterinarians. Scavenging was considered but it was noted in some cases other animals woudln't touch them. Also the lack of tearing from preditor action. Nor would the body decay. The level of pain mentioned the specimins must have gone through is a bit disturbing. The laser precision burn marks and organs removed from a hole in the naval also excludes a lot of other possibilities. But that is your right if that is your take on it and I am fine with that. Personally I don't consider them all discreditable. I admit I honestly don't know at the moment and leave it at that. I'm just curious and think "if it is real" that it shoudln't be hidden or at least I am not convinced of that yet. I am also curious as to any other alternative possible explanations or if there are any.
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    In my opinion, it reeks of cult activity; removing the parts needed for a given ritual/ceremony, or performing some ritualistic act(s) on a body that leaves it in a certain state. It's also possible they're a product of someone's weird fetish, or someone who is just morbidly curious.

    And I agree with Dotini:
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    Agree with above.
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