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What to take for mum

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    Hi, I am studying here in the uk and I am going back home. I am wondering what I should take for mum. Thoughts?
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    take her some earl grey tea. and shortbread biscuits. and a black pudding :p
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    and oven gloves in floral patterns. and baked beans. everyone likes baked beans.
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    Sorry I_like_Serena.... I'm so embarassed! I dont realise at the time, but after, I see how cringe-worthy it is... woke up now.
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    yeah, I need to stop posting inappropriate remarks...
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    I like Serena

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    I was wondering what anyone would suggest for taking home to mum.
    Thanks for the suggestions! :)
    Btw, did you watch A fish called Wanda? :P
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    A Pendleton Native American blanket.

    These are the same blankets that real Native Americans have bought for over a century.

    Seriously. They've been selling blankets to Native Americans since the 1800's. They've always been so popular and ubiquitous among native Americans that a lot of the public have always thought that they must be designed and made by Native Americans.
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    I like Serena

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    It is! :)
    And Wanda likes Russian...

    Wanda: Archie? Do you speak Italian?
    Archie: I am Italian! Sono italiano in spirito. Ma ho sposato una donna che preferisce lavorare in giardino a fare l'amore appassionato. Uno sbaglio grande! But it's such an ugly language. How about... Russian?
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    I love these blankets! I can see why Native Americans liked them so much! they look so soft! and colourful! I want one!
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    I like Serena

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    В минуту жизни трудную
    Теснится ль в сердце грусть:
    Одну молитву чудную
    Твержу я наизусть.

    Есть сила благодатная
    В созвучье слов живых,
    И дышит непонятная,
    Святая прелесть в них.

    С души как бремя скатится,
    Сомненье далеко —
    И верится, и плачется,
    И так легко, легко...
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    That's such a great idea. I love Pendleton blankets! I only have one, it's a waaaay back classic:


    Blankets of this type were made for trade, and the number of stripes at the top and/or bottom was the "price" - the number of animal pelts that it was worth.

    Here's a timely article about Pendleton:

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    I like Serena

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    @nucleargirl: I liked your remarks. :smiley:
    Especially the last one, which was extra funny because Google translate does not appear to have voice (I checked!).
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    @I_like_Serena: it does! but only for short sentences.
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