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What topics for self study?

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    I am currently studying undergraduate final year degree in mathematics. I have covered QM's, PDE's and currently studying Functional analysis and vector calculus/complex variables.

    I hope to finish the degree middle of next year, however I would like to continue studying math/physics in the form of self study. There are so much interesting topics out there that I dont know what to choose.

    I like the weirdness of QM's.
    Also think General Relativity/S.R would be interesting.
    I also like the visual/graphical representation of vector calculus.
    I like to work with math that has physical meaning.
    Maybe throw in some speadsheets, mathematica for graphs etc.

    Could anyone suggest interesting topics for an undergraduate to take up? I know its a very vague question but at least I might get some ideas? Would like to become knowledgeable in a particular field however small...
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    The really interesting, and technically solvable, problems are, imho, in condensed matter physics. So, maybe concentrate on QM, and the experimental applied/engineering aspects thereof. But then all the other stuff you mentioned is fascinating also. It's nice to have such choices, eh?
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