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What type of motherboard do I have?

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    Hey guys;

    This is a Dell Dimension 8100. It is a few years old. I'm looking to get a new case for it (rack mount), but I don't know what type of motherboard it is. I fear it may be proprietary.

    Click here:


    I guess if its proprietary, I may as well get a new mobo/processor/ram combo, right?

    Thank you!
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    I know with Gateway there is a page on their site that you can input the computer's serial number and it will tell you all the hardware. Check to see if Dell does the same.
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    Good call!

    I checked the site for the build-list associated with my PC, these were on there:


    PROCESSOR, 80528, 1.7GHZ, OK, 400FSB, SOCKET W

    It's socket W. I'm guessing my board isn't ATX form factor.

    I want to put together a new PC for my HTPC. It only needs to be fast enough to run WinXPPro, play .MP3 files, and play whatever video format I throw at it. Do you have any processor/motherboard suggestions? One caveat on the motherboard, it needs to be one of the ones with "Wake on Keyboard" and "Wake on Mouse" and all that good stuff :)
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    If you just going to play music and video a 1.7Ghz machine should be plenty of speed. Why do you feel compelled to buy a new computer. At that speed I would wait until Windows Longhorn comes out, which should be in a couple of years.

    If you stil want to build a computer I would look into getting a barebones kit. It brings a case, a motherboard and a power supply. Depending on the type of case and motherboard prices will vary according. Here is the place where I buy my computer stuff from:


    When you find a motherboard and case with the features you want I would do some research on the internet to see if it is any good. Tom's Hardware is a place to look.

    Depending on how much money you have left get the processor w/ fan, memory, graphics card, sound card, etc..

    I recommend an Athlon XP which fits in a Socket A motherboard. The memory will depend on the motherboard you get but wiill most likely be some type of DDR ram. The graphics card is up to you. ATI and Nvidia both have fine products. Creative labs creates very good sound card as well as Turtle Beach.
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    ResellerRatings dot com vs Tiger Direct

    Tiger Direct has a Six-Month Rating of only 7.42 and a Lifetime Rating of only 7.35 at ResellerRatings.

    The two most highly rated general computer parts resellers listed at ResellerRatings are http://www.resellerratings.com/seller_info.pl?seller_id=2121 [Broken].
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    The reason I shop at tiger direct is that there located in miami and I can just drive to one of their stores, therefore saving me the shipping costs.
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