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What type of motor is required?

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    I'm looking for a pancake/flat motor (so that it shouldn't have a length more than an inch) that is capable of hitting 30,000 RPM under a load. The load would be a disc with a mass of 55 grams, a radius of 1 inch, and a thickness of 1/4 inches. The disc should be able to achieve 30K RPM in about 10 seconds or less. What specifications would the motor need to have? Like torque? Am I forgetting anything else?

    Also, I came across two different motors in my search. Would these do the job?

    http://catalog.micromo.com/db/servi...tegrated_speed_controller&product=2610...B SC

    http://www.micromo.com/datasheets/Brushless%20DC%20motors/2610_B_SC_DFF.pdf [Broken]


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