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What type of sampling is this?

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    Hi, I hope you can help.

    I collected my samples on the street by just asking passers by to fill in my questionnaire. I moved to 5 different locations within the city and spent 3 hours each visit 3 times a week for one month.

    Is this random sampling? Or it it sill convenience sampling? Can anyone help me make it sound as good as possible! While i know this can never be representative, can argue that its more than convenience?

    I also asked every 3rd passer by
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    I suppose it can be considered as pseudo-random sampling. It signifies the Poisson Distribution. I came to this conclusion since you've specified fixed intervals of time for the task.
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    It is random sampling (I never heard of convenience sampling). The main question is you method sufficient to get a representative sample of the population you are trying to sample? there is not enough information in your statement to answer that.
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