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What type of this source code?

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    May I know what type of this source code it is?It looks like assembly code, but I'm not sure.

    LIST p=16f648a
    include "P16f648a.inc"
    __config h'3f18'

    PC equ h'02'

    cblock h'20'


    org h'0000'

    movlw h'07'
    movwf CMCON

    bsf STATUS, RP0
    movlw b'00000000'
    movwf TRISB
    movlw b'00100000'
    movwf TRISA
    bcf STATUS, RP0


    goto begin


    I just copy the structure of the program.This program is written for PIC.
    I am a newbie for PIC programming, can someone tell me what code is this?And I want to convert this code to C#,any suggestion for the converter?

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