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What up NERDS

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    Hiya, my name's Raven, and I have a lot of problems with physics. I often have trouble with (you guessed it) MASTERING PHYSICS! I used this site a number of times for homework help prior to joining (primarily because most other sites for physics help are blocked on my school computer), so I figured I should just go ahead and make an account. I can sometimes (on rare occasions) be helpful with conceptual questions.

    OH, and if you happen to come here for help with something non-physics-y like English or Bio, I'm your gal!

    16 year old high school junior from Indiana taking AP Physics C: Mechanics, Pre-cal/Trig, AP Bio
    [Mentor's note - removed some identifying information]

    ah, such charming emoticons: o0):eek::rolleyes:o:):L:oldconfused::headbang::oldlaugh::oldlove::oldmad::sleep::bow::biggrin::blushing::approve:o_O;):nb):k. what a party.
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    Welcome to PF Raven!
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    Hey there Raven,
    welcome to the Physics Forums
    have a good browse through the different sections, am sure you will find lots of great teaching material :)

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