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What was Einstein looking for?

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    When Einstein spent the last years of his lofe looking for a theory of everything, what was he looking for? Was he looking for a single equation to sum up all things in the universe? Or a set of rules? Or was he just trying to find something in common with the very small and the very big?
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    I think the answer is "anything" but who can honestly say, of course any physicist would love to come up with a "Theory of Everything", the next best thing is to unify certain known laws and theories, the building blocks for a TOE. Einstein like a lot of us just had a thirst for understanding, he wanted to know how the universe he was part of worked and what laws applied to it, he was wanting a unified field theory, or "Generalisation of Gravitation Theory".
    He was said to be very stubborn so worked towards a unified theory, but he would not listen to a lot of other people, he was dabbling with maths and multiple dimensions, plugging away with numbers like a string theorist.

    Not overly much is known about the final years as he became a very solitary sole, a diary of his last girlfriend was found but wasn't very scientific, he did share his science with Schrodinger and I believe if you look about you can find more on that.
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