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What was Einstein working on?

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    Just wondered if anyone had any good links or recommended books on Einstein's unification theory. I've tried searching the web but usually all that pops up was that his theory was a failure. My interest is where exactly he went wrong & perhaps even some of his mathematics. I figure the mathematics will probably be harder to find, so even a general idea on what he was working on would be greatly apperciated.
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    Here's a book that might be in some academic libraries: Vaclav Hlavaty, Geometry of Einstein's Unified Field Theory, P Noordhof Ltd., Groningen, 1958.

    I can't resist adding this website: http://www.artsci.wustl.edu/~jashiffl/einstein-schrodinger.html [Broken], by a modern mathematician who works on the theory.
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    sorry to be late to reply bro.

    according to wikipedia, this is the definition of metaphysics -
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    please ignore my post.. that was a wrong window .. my bad, i apologize
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