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What was the stupidest thing you've ever done?

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    dont be shy... :wink:
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    ..... I have no idea... there's just sooo many..
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    Coming here?:wink:
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    Funny how to tell us not to be shy, but offer nothing that you've done.

    I remember when I was eight, some kids from the neighborhood and I had a contest to see who could eat the most disgusting thing. I wiped a cracker on my dad's tires and dipped a popsicle in gutter water. The girl across the street ate a live snail. In retrospect, these were probably stupid things to do.
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    when i think back to all the things that i could have done & didn't do... well... :cry: usually it was just because of thinking too much about what could/might happen or go wrong, or simple laziness. it's not so much what DID it was what i DIDN'T do that;s such a sore spot
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    let's hear it yomamma!
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    I once poked myself in the eye with a pair of safety goggles.
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    MMMMM....I love escargot!

    Stupidest thing i have done...let's see that would probably be some things I have done while drunk.

    I jumped out of a window 3 stories into a bush and broke my toe.

    I drank a whole bottle of corn syrup (that video actually made it onto college humor.com)

    I also drank a whole bottle of vinegar. The next morning though my throat was sore from acid burn.
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    Love me tender, love me sweet!
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    Clicking on this post is certainly a contender.
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    Chi Meson

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    I paid a guy $7000 up front to pave my driveway.

    "Bye Bye!"
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    The stupidest thing I ever done is being nice to some *******s who don't deserve it. Now I truely regret it.
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    Ah, you're getting me nostalgic about my old friend Drew. One night, at a cabin, he and I and a couple of girls were sharing a bottle of absinthe he had smuggled in from Andorra, and he let loose. First, he drank an extremely old bottle of wine that had turned into vinegar, then he drank a bottle of plant polish, then he started pissing on everything. Later he ate some potted flowers and snorted eye makeup. When the absinthe was almost empty, he threw the bottle at the fireplace, shattering it on the stone and setting the fireplace itself on fire. To top it all off, he decided he wanted to die like Sylvia Plath, so he turned on the oven and was going to put his head. Thankfully, I pulled him out just in the nick of time, as it was an electric oven, and it would only have burned his face off, not killed him. What a guy.

    Then there were the things Ella did, which put Drew to absolute shame. Unfortunately, I cannot utter them on a public forum. I did photograph the entire night quite extensively, though.
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    Hmmm... I was once at a party at my ex girlfriends, while we were seeing one another, and her ex boyfriend was there. He never made any bones about the fact that he didn't like me. Well I got really drunk and starting talking very loudly about his testicles. After that I don't think any of her friends liked me except for one or two that thought it was hilarious.
    I haven't really done much of anything that was very stupid, just alot of little "Doh!" moments.
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    Absinthe eh? I've always been curious about that. If you don't mind, could you log a first person account of what it's like to drink absinthe in Anomalous, extraordinary, or otherwise interesting conscious experiences?
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    yeah... it's hallucinogenic... i had primed before drinking about 3 shots of this ... rubbing alcohol... and I don't remember anything else from that night... i tried to remember... but it hurt to try...

    I've done a ****load of stupid things... I really can't say any one was stupider than another as they were all very stupid in their own way...

    One time, I went partying with a few supervisors and got ridiculously drunk with them... I offered to drive one of them home which was on my way instead of having her take a cab... #1 I drove drunk... #2 one of my supervisors was with me #3a I made a turn onto a one way street that lead me onto a one way overpass.. #3b there was oncoming traffic and I was playing spy hunter in real life dodging cars (there were only 3 cars, but still)... we made it to the end of that overpass unscathed... my supervisor was laffing her ass off... i was ****ting my pants...

    I think this was probably the stupidest one of all... hell its the most unique.
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    That's hilarious. I bet u look back at it and laugh ur ass off.

    Well, I figure I can contribute last nite to this thread. First of all, yesterday morning I woke up at like 11am, and didn't eat until lunch which was a sanwich at like 12:30. Then, since I was gettin picked up by a friend and goin to a party, I didn't eat supper cuz my rents were just about to start making it when I left.

    So now I'm at a party on an empty stomach. Usually I know my limit when drinking, and usually I'm a pretty responsible guy. But not last night. I drank lots of hard liquor, and I drank it in a pretty short period of time. I felt like I was gonna die....kneeling over on the girl's front lawn, just hoping I would be able to stand up without falling back over in a few minutes.

    My friend ended up driving me home, and luckily my rents were asleep so he was able to get me to my room without anyone noticing. I'm sure more happened but I can't remember and since it was last night I haven't heard the stories yet.

    Not the stupidest thing I've done, but a lesson learned:

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    The stupidest thing I've ever done is make this thread :eek: !
  20. Sep 4, 2005 #19
    that reminds me of something i did recently while delivering for the restaurant i work for. i was trying to merge onto the highway & there was one lady who tried to close the gap between her truck & the car in front of her so i'd have to slam on the brakes when the merge lane ran out. but i swerved over anyway, right between both vehicles & missed each one by ~2ft in front & behind. i couldn't even see where the tires of the car in front touched the pavement, & when i checked the rear-view the truck was swerving back into the lane. i hate it when people try to cut me off. :devil:
  21. Sep 5, 2005 #20
    Yeah... i can laff about it now.. they say "never say never"... I say "never... ever again".
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