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What we were never told

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    I think man can do many things,we were never told we could do these things.Just as easy as your A B C,if nobody showed you would not have a clew A B C?
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    Clarity please.
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    yes, we need more clarity in order for this thread to continue.
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    I was thinking like superman it sounds a bit nuts but who knows.If we have no clew how to use such powers they will never be used.Well superman is a bit overstated ,well who knows
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    At the risk of sounding like I'm leading you...do you mean to say that we may have abilities that we'll never tap into because someone has let us know that we can't?
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    Well, I presume you mean 'clue'. I agree with you though, as a general point. But I think you should aim a little higher than Superman, who seems to be able to do little more than Father Christmas, and whose scriptwriters seem a touch deficient in the mental department.
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    I guess thats what im saying,if you dont know how to use it it will never be used
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    alright, so where does this go? are our powers as humans unlimited via an "open mind"?
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    You could have the most open mind in the world but if you dont know what you can do how can you do it
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    Well, philosophers still don't know how we know anything, but we still do it :confused:.
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    Newton invented (discovered you might argue) Calculus all by himself at the age of 23 without help. I'd say that's +1 contrary to your proposition.
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    I believe that human beings are able to have telepathy, future viewing, and the ability to impact things without touching them. I also think it is all scientifictly explicable, but due to most people's predujaces over what they think is real or simple fantasy they simply say it is impossible. Because of this they never try to achieve these, hence causing 'proof' they cannot be done. Everyone has expierinced the 'supernatural', unfortunatly nearly everyone falling into one of two catagories; those who say it is false and those who say it is magic or otherwordly. It is neither, and those very few who devote themselves to the esotirc and explanation of the nearly inexplicable will have a lonely road ahead of them.
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    And the reason is nobody ever showed us that we had and could use these powers so we dont understand.I do wonder if 4000 or 5000 ago people knew how to use these powers.Well we would use them for more bad reasons than good anyway.
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    takes an open mind for figuring out what one can and cannot do?

    call me names, but i don't see the philosophical importance here.
  16. Jan 20, 2005 #15
    It's the "1984" scenario where everyone's preprogrammed to to do as they're told and because they are unable to think creatively, they don't explore possibilities.

    How can you miss chocolate if you never knew chocolate existed?

    example: if a child was put in a wheelchair from birth and told that he couldn't walk, even though he could, he could be brainwashed into thinking he couldn't. And if he never thought it was possible, he might live his entire life out never having stood upright.
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    You are right, nobody did show us, but no one showed us how to calculate mathematics or invent mechanical devices. Some people are simply gifted in these areas and as such know instictivly how to add subract and think logicaly. Once they know the basics by simple instict, natural curiosity drive them to explore more possibilities of these instincts. Some people are more gifted with the esoteric then others and 'odd' things happen around them. Ask yourself, have you ever met anyone who, in a conversation, seems to always know ahead of time what you will say, or those who can know exactly where you are, even when you are miles apart with know logical way of having said knowledge. Everyone has either met these people, or are these people, and it is those who believe what they do is true and not a fraud, those will be the ones to explore further into the 'calculas' of this field.

    As for using them for evil more then good I believe they will be like any other talent we have. Some people designed the electrical generator with their intellegence, others biologically create diseases or other instruments of death. What latent talents people have would no more be used for evil then any other tool we have at our means.
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    That's not true at all: Children move their legs all the time. You'd have to numb his legs, etc... This is a bad analogy at best.

    As for the whole mindpowers thing: You claim that they aren't used because we don't know how to use them. I claim that they aren't used because they don't exist and people are just fooling themselves.

    My claim has Occham's Razor on its side. We both make the same predictions.
  19. Jan 21, 2005 #18
    Not surprising, since you aren't really making a claim; merely negating one.

    Anyway, tph666, just to follow your reasoning to its logical conclusion: how did the first person ever learn anything?
  20. Jan 21, 2005 #19


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    I see your point. But I suppose Occham's Razor would not apply here, because the two theories don't make the same predictions (my mistake!). This is entirely a decision that should be based on experiments which exlcude one theory but include the other. (If not A then maybe B, go science!)
  21. Jan 21, 2005 #20
    I am not claiming that they are not used because we do not know about them. I am claiming they are used by a small minority. They do exist, they are real becuase they have been done, just as much a fact as people walking. The only reason they are thought false is that it appears to be impossible due to our preconcived ideas. The amount of people that have this born talent is so small that it seems to do that no one has it. I know this to be false, and I claim it is always wrong to say something is false because you have not seen. There is nothing more dangerous as that, becuase the essence of any scientist or good thinker is the ability to entertain any thought, any question and any suggestion unless it is proven false.
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