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What web browser to use?

  1. Jun 19, 2014 #1
    I have Internet Explorer and Firefox installed. But I like to experiment with another one.

    1) Is Chrome good?
    2) How about Safari?

    BTW, I just want to verify these are all web browsers, I can still set all default to Yahoo that I like most?
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    Simon Bridge

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    I use chrome and firefox.
    Extensions are easier in firefox but I like the chrome interface.

    In order to advise you properly we need to know what you mean by "good" - what are the qualities of a browser that you would use to measure "goodness"?
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    Yes, you can always change the homepage in any good browser.
    I personally use chrome because it's fast.
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    Last year I tried Safari on Windows (because I was having some problems with Firefox) and found it was incredibly slow and crash-prone. An order of magnitude worse than Internet Explorer!

    Maybe it runs OK on OSX, but I wouldn't go near it on Windows.

    Chrome is probably fine, so long as you don't mind Google knowing even more about you than they do already.
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    What do you mean? Is Google spying on us?
  7. Jun 19, 2014 #6

    Simon Bridge

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    Of course Google is spying on us - how do you think they make money giving stuff away?
    Another name for it is "collecting demographic and use data to improve your experience of advertising".
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    Chrome or Chromium (linux) is the way to go. Although it doesn't matter to me, if you don't want google to build an even more extensive profile of you, you can just use a VPN service such as openVPN to mask your browsing.
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    Thanks guys, Chrome it is. I don't do any banking or any important stuffs, this computer is just for political talk, pcb layout, schematic and circuit simulation only.

    For political talk, they can track me, I am loud mouth anyway!!!!
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    Chrome is notorious for it's lack of security, and I believe safari is no longer supported on windows (hasn't been updated in quite some time last I remembered).

    I prefer Firefox, but it really boils down to user preference and how security conscious they are.

    Heres a list of various aspects, features, and flaws amongst the most used browsers:

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    Thanks elusiveshame,

    Your link seems to be for "mobile devices", so I'll post the regular one, also...


    Hope you don't mind... :smile:
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  13. Jun 19, 2014 #12


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    You're more than welcome... :thumbs:
  14. Jun 19, 2014 #13
    Chrome, FireFox and Opera are all good.
  15. Jun 19, 2014 #14
    Leave Internet Explorer, use Firefox and keep Chrome or Opera as backups.

    Safari is no longer supported for Windows.

    Personally I don't feel comfortable with Chrome; though its interface and usability are excellent but I don't like to rely on google for everything (search, email and now web browser too?? Nope.)
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  16. Jun 19, 2014 #15
    If you want a secure browser, Lynx is perhaps the best choice, but that might be too secure for you. I always say that the only purpose of internet explorer is to download other web browsers(ie usually comes with windows). I wouldn't trust ie for security and I wouldn't trust google to keep its paws off of my info. So there goes ie and chrome. Here's a way to see if your browser is not secure: If you get ads that have to do with your past searches, or ads that mention where you are, then your browser is not secure. If I were you, I'd make sure to have a firewall up. Firefox might not be a bad choice. Actually, come to think of it Tor sounds like a good choice too.
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    One thing missing from Chrome is the ability to add web sites to a "restricted list" which can be used to prevent unwanted ad's, pop-ups, ... .
  18. Jun 19, 2014 #17
    Also, one piece of software that I cannot recommend enough, regardless of browser, is adblock plus. This will disable all ads and popups (even in YouTube videos), and you have the option to exclude sites from being blocked and allowing all content through.
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    Opera is no good these days.

    Old Opera is no longer supported and Chropera is still in the teething stage, with plenty of small problems when it comes to plugins.

    Perhaps it doesn't matter for newcomers, but I am not going to switch when my two fav plugins are not supported.
  21. Jun 20, 2014 #20


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    Chrome and firefox are for sissies. REAL Men use Lynx with self-coded extensions and compatibility plugins.
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