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What web tools are in demand in 2004?

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    What web tools are in demand in 2004??

    Hey everyone, I am a skillfull, and sexy computer programmer who has nothing to do this summer, and I am wondering what to code?

    I hear message boards can make money, but there seems to be many of these in existance.
    Chat rooms seem to be out of date.
    Guest books seem to be cheesy,
    and I am unaware of a product which I can code, and sell to multiple people that has not been already heavily sold...

    Preferably something involving php+mysql, but i can all the online stuff!

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    What about building an e-commerce site from scratch. This isn't really recommend for beginners, but you sound like you can handle it. You should also host your own website so you learn about DNS, Apache, Postfix, etc.
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    make a game. if its good you can might be able to break even and I'll be more than happy to play a good game =)
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