What weird foods do you eat?

  1. ShawnD

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    Right now I'm dipping bread in soy sauce.
    I put cheese wiz on apples.
    I put a small amount of barbecue sauce in my mac and cheese.
    I put salt on bacon (I think this is normal but everybody around me disagrees).
    I put chocolate milk powder in my cereal.
    A guy I knew dipped bread in olive oil.
    My best friend puts ketchup on his steak.

    What weird things do you eat?
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  3. Actually this one sounds normal - why'd you think it wasn't?

    Some people around me say that equal parts OJ and espresso is unusual - so I nominate that.
  4. Danger

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    I suppose that Sylvia doesn't count. Despite the fishy connotation, she probably doesn't qualify as a food group. (At least dental floss was included in the package.) I never figured this one out... looks like a taco, smells like fish, tastes like chicken... and you're not supposed to eat it?! What are those right-wing twits smoking?
  5. brewnog

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    Salt sandwiches.
  6. Kerrie

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    pork rinds are pretty tasty to me, of course having grown up in the south accounts for that.

    bread in olive oil and basalmic vinegar is simply divine!
    can't think of any weird food combonations to eat, but i love anything pickled such as asparagus, olives and kosher dills most of all.
  7. yeah bread in olive oil is supposed to be the healthy substitute of bread and butter. i can't remember all the details, but too much oil and it can actually be worse (i think). as for weird foods..im indian. so to you guys, ne thing my mom cooks :D haha
  8. Math Is Hard

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    My fave: cottage cheese and A1 steak sauce on a baked potato.
    I used to wash those down with RC Cola or Sundrop. :smile: Ever eat boiled peanuts? We used to buy a huge sack of them from a roadside stand on long trips. I try to make them sometimes but I never get the salt just right.
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  9. Evo

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    My dad got me addicted to buttermilk with tabasco sauce and salt and pepper. I'd give anything to have a glass of that right now!!!

    Funny about the bread and olive oil. My best friend is Italian and the first time he came to the US we went to an "Italian" restaurant and when they placed the bread and saucer of oil on the table he asked what the oil was for, I explained it was to dip the bread in. He'd never heard of doing that and was certain it would be too greasy for him, I had to ask the waiter for some butter. He recently told me that now in restaurants in Italy that cater to American's they've had to start offering plates of oil because so many Americans were asking where it was. :rolleyes: We are destroying other cultures. :frown:
  10. I like to eat choclate chip cookies with beer! Preferably famous amos with Guinness or Harp! I also recently discovered that chocolate doughnuts go well with beer too! :biggrin:

    As for bread and olive oil, when I was cooking we made a blend of olive oil with garlic, spices, salt, and pepper that we called 'mill butter' for the bread that was served. It was really good!

    Danger, you dirty old dog! :rofl: It's been a while since I've eaten at the taco stand! :rofl:
  11. JasonRox

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    I used to eat raw meat, right out of the package. I stopped because apparently it is really bad for you.

    I still eat raw vegetables, from potatoes to brocolli.
    I used to put butter on pizza. Really good, but not healthy. :(
  12. I eat dead people
  13. Janitor

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    I knew someone who claimed to know somebody else that ate a whole raw onion every day. I had a friend who brought a sack lunch to grade school, and it nearly always included a sandwich made with grape jelly smeared on a slice of processed cheese.
  14. I grew up in the town Heinz originated from so as a result I've put ketchup on everything over the years. Most of the more disgusting combos have stopped because people objected excessively, but I still think ketchup with macaroni and cheese tastes pretty good.
  15. Integral

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    I do NOT eat weird foods,... Others do. :approve:

    However, my all time favorite sandwich is Peanut butter, Pickles, Cheddar cheese with Miracle Whip.

    Also good is Peanut Butter, Tomatoes, onions / Miracle Whip.
  16. Moonbear

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    Never knew anyone to do that, but doesn't sound too weird; it's a sauce and bread is good for dipping in sauce.

    Hmm...that one sounds a bit weird to me, but it's not new to me either. I've known others to do that. I prefer caramel for apple dipping though.

    That's one I've never heard of before, but it actually sounds kind of good (BBQ sauce goes really well on a cheeseburger, so why not mac and cheese?) I might have to give it a try.

    :yuck: Isn't bacon salty enough already? I can't imagine wanting or needing to add more salt.

    That's not sounding so good either. Then again, I don't even like much milk in cereal, let alone chocolate milk.

    Very yummy indeed! And not at all strange. It's a very Italian thing to do. MIH already mentioned also mixing the olive oil with a little balsamic vinegar, but any flavored oil can be good too (like adding garlic or basil to the oil). This is best done with a really good quality extra virgin olive oil. :approve:

    Edit: I just saw Evo's post above that this did not originate from Italy. Where did we get it from then? Did Italian restaurants in the US start it, or is it an Italian-American cultural thing? I'm going to have to ask my Italian friends how long ago they were introduced to the idea.

    I've known a lot of people who do that. I think they are all the ones who grow up in homes where steak is always cooked well-done. :yuck: I never fully understood why someone would ruin a good steak with ketchup. If you don't like steak that much, get the hamburger or don't eat beef if you need to drown it to hide the taste.

    Well, if that above list counts as weird, then I eat a lot of weird things.

    My weirdest I think are the mayonaisse sandwiches (just mayo, nothing else on the bread) and onion sandwiches.
    I also love raw hamburger on a slice of onion (yeah, I know all the food safety issues there, but I grew up eating it and so far have been okay).
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  17. I like a seandwich with chees and tabasco sauce
  18. curry fish head: my uncle would put the whole thing in the mouth and out comes white pieces of fish skull
  19. Monique

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    I don't eat weird things anymore (like cow stomach, fish intestine, pork back, etc). Occasionally I'll eat a lemon with salt and I make my own ginger condiment to go onto bread or toast (spicy!!) :smile:
  20. ShawnD

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    I love salt. I put salt on bacon, macaroni, most stews, all seafood, and chicken. I also put Worcestershire sauce on steak (that sauce contains a lot of salt).
  21. Danger

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    Thanx. I was starting to think I'd wasted that one.:biggrin:
    Actually, I'm a strict carnivore. The only pleasure that I derive from eating is in knowing that something died violently so that I could eat it. The perfect fast food is a chainsaw and a cow; fire is optional. (Because of my 1/4 Irish blood, potatoes are honourary meat.)
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