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What will happen when/if a TOE is found?

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    If the Four known forces are connected what will become possible in terms of technology? Will there be flying cars for instance?
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    Aggh this is an argument *against* TOE-research.
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    There have been flying cars since I was a kid. They aren't practical (folding wings and such).

    I suppose you mean antigravity. No reason to think so, but an outside possibility. But note we live at the bottom of a gravity well; shutting off gravity to an object would result in a huge potential diference, resulting perhaps in tornado like destruction.
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    I think that, if or when a TOE is finally found and proven worthy by the powers to be; there will be many more new questions raised than answers provided.
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    ^^Very well said.

    According to String Theory, if the TOE is found, we will then be able to a whole host of things, like travel from London, to Indian, to the Usa, to Bangkok and back again in an instance :tongue2: COOL! :tongue2: lol

    Other than thatm our understanding of how the world was formed will be a lot better as well, from things such as the Big Bang to how particles react to each other. But the thing is, will the TOE be another Theory of General Relativity, ie. will it be one of the greatest mathematical discoveries of all time but also the most destructive........ :frown: Theory of general relativity led to the Atmoic Bomb, and now Hiroshima is un-inhabitable, countries are threatening to use nuclear weapons, etc. what if we do find a TOE and it's used wrongly......?? :frown:
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    BTW, the first bit of the above post is about if we find a TOE using String Theory, but i dunno about Quantam Loop theory....
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    when they find TOE the day will turn to night, massive storms will strike us,
    cataclyzmic earthquakes will sink the very homes we live in.Only the very strong will survive !
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