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What will happen?

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    What will happen?
    1)The Earth stops to revolve about its own axis.
    2)It stops to move around the Sun.

    Q:2 Why the nights of deserts are so cold and days are so hot?
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    Sounds like homework - what do you think?
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    I want answers please ...
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    No. This sounds like homework and you will not be given direct answers. You should tell us what you think would happen and we will correct you or give you hints.
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    No it is not a homework I want to just know for knowledge.
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    Well, I think if the earth suddenly comes to a stop atleast the crest of the earth is gonna rip off and fly away! (Well its more of imagination!)
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    Under what conditions are you imagining these things happening? Your answer will determine the effects.

    Instantly? So, by magic? Well, magically the spell will ensure no harm comes to anything or anyone.

    Do you have some more practical idea of how this might come about? Big rockets? That would be slow.
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    No, I was just suggesting. We're yet to unravel the secrets of the universe and maybe there's something out there (other than magic) that can exert such a great force. (No, its not Superman anyway!)
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