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What will life be like in 1000 years?

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    yes, we'll all be dead, but hey, it's fun to speculate. I remember reading 3001 by Arthur C. Clark, and in the book they're laughin at all the futuristic references from this time period, like star trek. Because in actuality they haven't even left the solar system.

    So what do you guys think? Will we have fantastic advances in space travel technology, or will we just have a bunch of colonies on the moon, mars, maybe even pluto, but no interstellar travel?

    I do believe we'll see fantastic advances in technology either way. I'm sure AI will become a reality. Every concievable mundane task will become automated. I think we'll have discovered, and utilized an alternative fuel method, as the natural resources on earth are finite. I think teleportation may become a reality. But I have this sneaking suspicion that we won't have encountered any other form of life by then. I think we may discover we are confined to our own galaxy, if not solar system by the limits of speed. And I highly doubht time travel will ever be possible, because of the lack of evidence of it.

    What do you guys think?
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    I think people will be asking questions like "whats life gonna be like in 1000 years time."
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