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What will people of the future look back at and refuse to condone?

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    In 100 years or so, I think people will look back at how we live today and fail to comprehend, or be angered by, our seeming reluctance to do anything about world poverty, starvation and disease.

    Just as we look back at slavery and refuse to condone it, future generations will be angered at our relunctance to tackle global problems. They will wonder how our minds worked, how a privileged portion of the world was able to live surrounded by riches while many millions of the earth's inhabitants had little or nothing to eat, nor medicine to treat diseases.

    We rationalize away these problems and have little or no trouble accepting the current distribution of resources, but I think future generations will genuinely be stumped by our inability to help each other.
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    Eventually, nothing. Time heals all wounds.
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    oh, honestly though! There'll always be disease, hunger. 100 years from now, there'll be hunger, disease. Maybe the amount of people suffering may decrease, but there will always be starvation and stuff. None the less, we should always help.
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    This is not necessarily true (and I'm not just talking about biblical (and otherwise religious) views of a restoration of the Earth). There could most certainly come a time when there is no suffering.
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    Majin, There might always be relative poverty (some will be richer than others, who thereby consider themselves poor) but I do not think we have to accept the idea of everlasting absolute poverty. I hope that we can end the type of poverty that prevents people being fed, clothed and sheltered.

    In such a world, it does seem rather ridiculous that some people can collect a few dozen cars, mansions and massive bank accounts.
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    They will not be looking our way N-Quire. People living 100 years from now will be too busy enjoying life and looking forward to the future. They will not be wasting time thinking about the past.
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    People love the past, but I agree, the past ain't what it used to be.
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    Another God

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    Probably because they won't have the same sort of technological locatlity that we currently have. It is only a very recent thing that we are able to see the rest of the world so quickly. We can find out whats happening all over the world almost instantly, and we can even communicate with the people there...but this is only a very very recent phenomenon.

    100 years in the future, the people will not even know this sort of technology which is still so new to us, because they will be way past it. The idea of "far away" will probably ahve essentially no meaning to them (other than space travel), and so the idea of letting someone starve 20,000km away is just as unreasonable as letting someone starve to death who is 2 meters away.

    But that is the future, it is not now. They won't be able to understand us, but thats not our fault.
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    Another God

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    Essentially every single person is only a person of their own time. You can't expect people to have the brilliance of hindsight, without first moving forwards.

    And the infintesimal fraction of people who are actually strange enough to be ahead of their times....they are typically turned into outcasts. It would seem that it is not even worth trying to be ahead of our time when we will only get shot down for trying to do so....
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    Yes, biblically speaking.
  12. Mar 25, 2003 #11
    That we forgot history (and were doomed to repeat it).
  13. Mar 25, 2003 #12
    "I don't get it, don't they understand that they need their ozone layer?"
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