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Homework Help: What will replace oil?

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    Name the replacements for oil and next to them what percentage you believe they'll come to represent as energy of the future.
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    Sure sounds like homework to me. What do you think the answers might be, and why?

    - Warren
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    What will replace oil? If that ain't the $64 billion question, I don't know what is.:biggrin:
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    Nuclear would be my guess since it's safer these days.
    Hydrogen is the future and that's where it always will be.
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    Massive famine and tragedy will take the place of oil
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    It doesn't really sound like a homework problem to me, but what do I know?

    60 years from now, in the US:

    coal 59%
    nuclear 35%
    wind 4%
    solar 1%

    Motor Vehicle Power:
    electricity/hydrogen 99%
    natural gas 1%
    ethanol 0%

    electricity 10%
    natural gas 90%

    In another thread I said that no one can really predict the future.
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    After giving those percentages..do you still agree with your post in another thread?
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