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What would be more dense?

  1. Apr 9, 2012 #1
    What would have a higher degree of density?

    A rhino the Size of this rock or the rock itself?

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    I assume you have a point in posting this picture of what is obviously a glacial deposit.
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    I just wanted know if the rock( which is essentially a glacial deposit)is more dense than a rhino that would be the same size.
    Is flesh generally less dense than stone?
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    I liked this question.
    Lets assume the flesh is made up of Water, (ρ=1000kg/m) cool.
    Secondly, the rock, assume any rock or in general, it would have twice the density that of water or lets say, 1.5 times the density of water.
    So rock will be heavy.
    Secondly, Rhino will have air inside it, so the density would decrease considerably.
    My opinion is that, the rock will still be Heavier compared to Rhino. (I feel even his tusks and skin won't affect much).
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    Living objects are mainly made out of water, so their density is close to 1000kg/m^3.
    I don't know the type of this rock, but a usual density would be at least twice this value.
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