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What would be the best choice?

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    I posted this in the EE forum, but it got very few responses (read: none). So I have decided to post it here, since this is the forum for this type of post, anyway.

    Here it is:

    Right now, I am a sophomore in the electrical engineering program. I am also pursuing a computer science minor, in which I need 3 more classes.

    My question is, what would be the best degree to have to get into the field of quantum computing?

    My school also offers a Computer Engineering degree. The reason why I chose EE/CS over CoE is because 1) an EE degree looks better; and 2) because the EE degree looked more rigorous. And since I'm getting a CS minor, I'm pretty much taking the same exact classes a CoE would take, with a couple of extras.

    I'm positive that I will be attending grad school after I get my bachelors, so maybe I would be able to specialize then. I'm not sure which degree would be best.

    I have even thought about getting a physics degree, but I really love engineering.

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    That depends... I would say if you want to work on theoretical aspects of quantum computing (algorithms and general theory) it would be mathematics. If you are interested in the technical aspects then it would be physics or electrical engineering although I would lean towards physics.
  4. Apr 23, 2009 #3
    You could take Electrical Engineering and concentrate in Quantum Computing.
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