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What would Dubya do?

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    How far would you be willing to entrust President George W. Bush in governing your life?
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    Well, I don't think he would shoot me in the back or burn my house down. :)
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    ...or cut off my ears? :devil:
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    You didn't really answer the original question with that comment. Of course he wouldn't do anything that extreme to you personally, but he is doing many things that are affecting all of us negatively. I had a chance to skim through the 9/11 commission's report(something supported by Bush), and was shocked to find in plain print, the notion that the war in Iraq was completely unfounded, based on it's original intents and means of homeland security as characterized by the Bush administration. There is just too many things Bush has done to cause me to lose trust in him.
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    I agree, but they seem to be having a pleasant conversation. Perhaps the original post was an inside joke. I don't understand what the original post could possibly be asking anyway.
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    Perhaps a voting suggestion? would you trust GWB to run your personal life? No? Then why trust him to run the country?
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    If you want to go even further... Would you trust a bush to run the country? Then why trust George W? :)
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    What would Jesus do?

    George W. Bush's savior and role model, Jesus Christ, was a man who showed compassion ultimately through his own suffering. It seems the only suffering that our president has experienced was his privileged profligate life, ignorant of the affliction foisted upon most responsible Americans by the rich he represents. If anything, Bush's life has been one of comfort, divorced from a tradition of Christian humility throughout history. I think Jesus' example is paramount for all leaders: the better a person has coped with the true tribulations of life, the more effective an example and authority they are.

    What life experiences of President Bush qualify him to understand the adversity of the world's majority, or that of the U.S.? Should one's faith in Jesus presuppose faith in Dubya?
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    Thats an Everest size load of BS.

    What would I trust Bush with?

    1. My garbage.
    2. My toaster--no wait, I care about my toaster.
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