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What would happen if you went into a black hole?

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    What would happen if you went into a black hole?
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    There are lots of threads about this if you search the forum.
    However one way or another you would die, and you would most likely die before even crossing the black hole's event horizon due to either intense radiation or being ripped apart by gravitational tidal forces.

    Imagine what it would it be like if you went into the sun . except a millions times more impressive than that.
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    Unless the black hole was a supermassive black hole, then tidal forces would rip you apart long before you reached the event horizon (spaghettification). The tidal forces of a supermassive black hole are low enough that you could fall into the event horizon before you were ripped apart. However, there may be other effects, which rootone touched on, like the radiation given off by an accretion disk or even a 'firewall'.
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    You would not have a good day.
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