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What would I write first?

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    So I've been slowly and surely learning c++. However I think..what would i program with my new knowledge? I'm more so interested in learning it for the sole purpose of its neccessity in my college life and perhaps future career so i never put much thought about that into it. But applying it ia neccessary to learning and growth. So I was thinking maybe some sort of organizational program? Something to hold specific files and call them fastly. Or maybe a program like RUN that will allow me to assign names to that i can pull up faster then doing something like "ZOMGWTFISTHISFILENAME.EXE"
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    What are you in college for? Perhaps write something that performs numerical computations, or stores data that you perform operations on. Also, do you want to write windows forms applications with a gui or just a simple console application?

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    I intend on going in for physics. I am working on a plan in which i learn multiple languages in order of C++>Matlab>Python>Java>etc

    C++ first because its probably what I'll most likely encounter.

    I don't want to really do something that does numerical computation so much as theres not much me and my calculator can't handle and I enjoy doing math.

    If the difference is one looks nicer, then I wouldn't mind the GUI. IDK how possible it is since I'd rather stick with my Bloodshed and Code::Blocks then fight with that whole microsoft thing which doesnt seem to ever wanna finish installing
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    I'm afraid you are very very wrong about that. In fact Matlab basically just is a numerical computation suite That's all it does. It's not a programming language (although one can write scripts).
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    I don't know the answer to your initial question but learning C++ as a first language was probably not a good idea; Python is straightforward and is probably the best 'first language' to learn. It's best to learn them in this order: Python>Java>C++
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    Matlab is a programming language. It includes, for instance, a rather capable implementation of OOP, among other things.
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