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What would it mean

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    What would it mean if QG is correct and einsteins equations only work for low level energies, what would be the consequences
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    search for "quantum gravity" and "phenomenology". Only a few ones are suggested. Mostly Amelino-Camelia, et al
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    this is the big question around testing QG
    Alejandro is right:
    when people write papers about "what it would mean if" that is called

    For us humans it would mean no discernable difference.
    But there might be some difference that could be detected in
    the arrival of a burst of gammarays from a billion lightyears away.

    and this is constantly happening, so it is potentially a great source
    of information.

    so the phenomenologist (like Amelino, as arivero says) must
    do some calculations to see what effects a QG model predicts,
    and then tell the astronomers what to look for,
    as a way of testing the model.

    there was a conference in February this year called WS-2004 about
    QG phenomenology. (the field is currently getting some attention
    from astronomers, and some showed up)
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