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What would keep me from falling apart in hyperspace?

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    The idea that a person or object could be plucked from our universe like a flatlander being picked up by a human is one that I can pretty much wrap my mind around. However, in the examples and diagrams in the book, it seems as though a solid Colorforms style person is being envisioned. But there are many different bits to a human that are not fastened by anything other than kinetic pressure (the blood in our veins, any little bones not directly connected to a ligament, our stomach contents, etc.).
    Kind of like how, if I put a large ring on the table, I can keep marbles in it, but if I pick the ring up, or slide it off the edge, the marbles fall out.

    Am I correct in assuming that, unless something is done to prevent it, all such portions of a human would fall out during a trip through a wormhole, or the process of being "picked up" by multidimensional beings? So that people would arrive at their destinations as a floppy glob of flesh with bones sticking out of it, covered in blood, ichor, and the unraveled fabric that was once their clothes? And that any equipment he was carrying would arrive as a perfectly disassembled pile of parts?
    Or is there some other force that would keep the component peices in their proper dimensional alignment?

    How feasible would it be to create a "flat" sphere (like a multidimensional microscope slide) to keep everything in place? And, assuming we could master hyperspace, what would prevent someone from using this effect as a weapon, by creating a "bomb" which generates a ripple effect, causing any 3-dimensional objects/people to fall apart when it temporarily expands the higher dimensions of space around them?
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