What would the universe be like

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What would the universe be like....

If ....There were nothing but points of energy fading in and out out of existance, in a random manner. Like a tv tuned to no station. All they do is increase and decrease in cycles over and over. To be simple the max could be 10 and min could be 1. At this point there would be two states , increase or decrease, (Direction). A (Rate) of change would be nice too. And of course a present (Value). A Vibration needs a (Center point).
Now they would need to react with each other to produce a result. A good example would be the temp of two objects,(A)(B). A is at 30 and decreasing by 2 per sec. If B is at 20 and decreasing by 5 per sec, then A's rate should increase and B's should decrease. If B was at 30 and increasing then both the Rates would decrease(increasing the cycles life time).
The offset of the C would probaly cause a wobble maybe even have a part in North and South poles, and the way objects spin. And possibly cause compression and expantion somewhere down the line.
As I look into the night sky I see lots of bright burning(Hot) objects, I here about comets(Cold) and astroids, just rocks. So using the above, objects containing cycles at 80 could be mostly in stars until the decay kicks in. cycles at 30 could be in comets and cycles at 50 could be in astroids.

So using the V,R,D and sometimes C should work with most anything, right?
My friend you are moving in the same direction I.

I believe I have a sound model of the universe and I want to share it with everyone!
So..........What happened after the......"I want to share it with everyone!"....
Your keyboard break???
Sorry, I've been telling people and they seem disinterested.

The universe is a matrix of balls (I will call them tiles) that have been predicted by string theory.

The tiles are all exactly the same in as much as they have maximum and minimum size.
The tiles are arranged in a system where if you where to put a line through the center of every tile (ball) you would get a square grid system.

That is the basic definition of space, it could of course be infinite.

Time is created by the behaviour of the tiles.

If you where to take a 2d model of the matrix, with just 2 axis and think of them in a chequer board arrangement, we have black/white squares or alpha/omega tiles.

The alpha and omega tiles take it turn to compress and expand.

All the tiles compress and expand at the same rate.

All alpha tiles, and then all omega tiles compress and expand, at the same rate.

Alpha, Omega, Alpha, Omega.

This is the effect of time, which is infinite.

In our chequer board example one omega is surrounded by 4 alpha.

This means at the end of the alpha cycle the omega tile absorbs energy from 4 points (in the 2d model).

So the omega compresses to the exact amount it absorbed.

If different amounts (percentage's of energy) are absorbed at the different points the tile will still compress but will be offset from the center.

Now here is the key bit, Im going to break it down into 1 axis so we have a row of tiles

Alpha, Omega, Alpha, Omega.

In this case the omega tile is absorbing energy from from 2 points.

If different amounts are absorbed by each point the tile will be offset to the left or right (assuming the are looked at horizontially).

Now, this is the sweet bit!

On expanding there are 3 things that are going to happen:

1 - the left side of the compressed omega tile has to reach its alpha connection point.
2 - the right side of the compressed omega tile has to reach its alpha connection point.
3 - the center point must reach its center.

If you think about this, the only time this can be the case is when it is at its maximum size.

If the compressed tile is offset (from the center) to the left for example:

Now, I hope you are still with me cos this is the final bit!

1 - The right side (point) of the tile moves rightwards AND the center point moves rightwards.
2 - The left side (point) of the tile moves in leftwards BUT the center point moves rightwards.

Is this making sense? That is the model but i may need to do a diagram to explain the math.

The effect is basically a transfer of energy, in 1 axis the energy travels in a straight line.

In 2d, energy a can be influenced by energy b which are travelling in different directions, once they meet their path starts to meander like a river.

In 3d, you get, 3d fractcals, like people.

Any questions?
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Oh yes, when a tile is compressed above 50% it creates heat/light.
Less than 50 % is cold/dark.
When tiles compress above 50% you start to get clustering (its like a flapping effect).

A planet is hot in the center and is surrounded by cold.

Same as a human body, listen to your heart beat:

Alpha, Omega, Alpha, Omega.

Start with bass, move up to treble, through darkness and up to light.

Our eyes are types of ears.

Sound is lights true opposite not darkness, an opposite is something of EQUAL force.

Darkness is low frequency light, while bass low frequency treble.

This is the truth behind true and false.
Basically I described a 3d matrix of points that is infinite. ....Until someone shows me the end , at which time I'd really wanna know what on the other side. So far were in the same ball park. But now we part. No STRINGS attatched....
Their phases happen randomly and not together. The real magic happens in one point's reaction to its neighbors. Thats it....nothing more.
The characteristics of the point's:
2)Rate of change
4)Center point (of vibration, not area)naturally at 0 until an offset is caused by reaction with others.
I only wanted to know what these would Not work with.
Its really simple as points alone.But it gets really complex in the reaction to each other.
Science is the arbitary division of the whole to study the wonder of its movement.
Would freqency modulation have a play any where? Say from...one point directly to another at any distance?
The frequency is the compression rate being passed down the line.

Waves are caused by the meandering effect of the energy path and classic physics/maths.

A place would start knowing about a coming peice of energy before the energy actually gets there, which I think they observered recently.
So with "string theory" and all that is actually known. What can't be explained?
How something came from nothing?

If and how it might return to nothing?

Why multiples of anything isn't the same as a single thing?

Why they seem to smell a lot like "wavicles?"

The space inbetween the strings?

The space outside the furthermost string?

The container the strings and the space are in?

What's outside the container?

What's outside of that?

Ad infinitum.
The universe is a fixed or static structure of sphere like tiles, this structure allows all activity to happen within it. It is the behaviour of the sphere tiles that creates movement. The best anology is a TV screen which is made of square tiles called pixels.

Each pixel is the same size but in a different LOCATION, each pixel can dislplay ONE colour from a range between black and white at ONE time.

Each sphere tile is the same size but in a different LOCATION, each sphere tile can generate ONE tempreture from a range between hot and cold at ONE time.

Time is circular, our perception is linear.
Why does everything need a begining? Maybe its just been that way and always will.
Or even could be caused by a variation(maybe realized it wasnt a single entity).So everthing is made of energy, yes? We are energy, we learn, So does the universe.
I just cant see a further most string, only time till the next would be known. Wouldnt the universe's fixed size only be determined by area and time? Take the furthermost star, suppose someone/something is there thinking the same. Maybe times with no apparent activity in some areas more than others.
Maybe someday some programer will write code for takin all the theories , pickin out only the right parts by checkin all thats known by man to solve it all in one done deal...
This is what I am trying to tell you!

The mind is the absolute point from which all measurements are taken.

The 2 infinities are space and time.

ALL measurements in physics watch something move THROUGH space and THROUGH time.

ALL phenoma happens SOMEWHERE at SOMETIME.
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Image 2 spheres in a row, Alpha first, Omega second.

Imagine the 2 spheres where 2 representations of the whole universe.

Now I am going to START time and say that Omega makes a copy of Alpha but changes very slighty, then Alpha makes a copy of Omega but slightly different again.

TIME is a circular process, but WE find it easier to percieve it as linear.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, like feet walking down the street.

Fractals, our body has 5 nodes (head, arms and legs), our hands and feet are bodies with five nodes (thumbs, fingers and toes).

The are 5 original string theory equasions, 4 of them are pairs of dualities.

Our arms and legs total 4, 2 pairs.

Each single leg has a duality embedded in it, the potential to be a strong or weak force (i.e. be taking a step on the ground or being carried by the other step).

All dualities are REALLY 2 points that define a possible range.

Think about these statements:

What is the truth behind true and false?

Is your glass half full or half empty?

My glass is never empty and always filling.

Am I Pro-war, Anti-war, Pro-peace or Anti-peace?

We dont know who will win the election, but we know there is going to be one, every so many number of years.

- The present has a future and history
- The present is the future of history.
- The present will be the future history.

The universe is changing constantly, the only constant being change.

Words have different meanings and meanings different words.

The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

Once a seed is placed in the ground a set of conditions will be right and a tree will be spontaneously born.

These conditions are a duality, seed and earth.

Males have sperm(seed), females have whom(earth).

Time is a duality, it has 2 aspects:

A tree lives in a world of days and nights (circular/pendulum effect of time) but grows bigger and upwards (linear effect of time).
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I will explain the keys to your mind:

Key 1 -

The first atom said to the second atom, I've lost an electron!
The second atom said to the first atom, are you sure?
The first atom said to the second atom, yes, I'm positive.

Instead of 2 electrons, we have 1 'orbiting' electron with a 'degree' of positivity.

Key 2 -

There are some hidden measurements in that model.

1 The electron (minimum size)
2 The nucleus (medium size)
3 The orbit (maximum size)

Key 3 -

The nucleus, electron and orbit are the same thing.

At maximum size it can only be in one location (the full volume), at its minimum size it is a point and can be any where within the area defined by its maximum size (its a sphere which has space inside it, this space is its volume).

Key 4 -

The atom is a tile.

It has an outer perimeter and an inner space, the inner space can compress creating heat/light.

Tiles compress because they absorb energy from surrounding tiles and expand to expel the energy to surrounding tiles.

Alpha, Omega, Alpha, Omega.

Your heart beats and your lungs breath.

true-true : true-false : false-true : false-false
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That was mostly in reply to "Erck".

Remember this>>>"Basically I described a 3d matrix of points that is infinite. ....Until someone shows me the end , at which time I'd really wanna know what on the other side."

And left "Known" out of "Take the furthermost star"....Sorry.

And I could imagine two universes, as their points (breathed) between each other shifting between two univereses. Where we would see an increase here the other would be on the decrease.

You say the atom is one tile , why not a group of groups of clusters mearly working together as a group til their time is done?

Does string theory explain decay?
Image we are on a train, the train is moving.

2 people are in the middle and start running, one to each end.

1 of them is moving with the motion of the train.
1 of them is moving against the motion of the train.

Now we can study the movement of these people from 2 places.

From on the train, or off it.

We are taking measurements from ourselves.

We can measure the movement relative to the floor of the train or the floor of the ground (the 2 places where we can possibly stand).

If we stand on the train we disclude the trains movement because we are moving with it.

If we stand on the ground we include the trains movement because we are not moving with it.
wonderer said:
That was mostly in reply to "Erck". Does string theory explain decay?
I'm not sure if string theory explains decay... but my post in regards to your question "what does string theory NOT explain?"... is meant to point out that string theory doesn't seem to even come close to being the Theory of Everything as it has been coined.
A real TOE needs to answer the "big" questions (some of them I listed)... it doesn't seem to do that.
wonderer said:
The real magic happens in one point's reaction to its neighbors.
So the big hang up is in ourselves, perception and perspective? Not what is, just our veiw of what is. Which is interaction.

Would it be better to say "We know not what is, only what is not"?.

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