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Stargazing What would you see if you sent a telescope

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    like the hubble, but much more powerful, away from Earth and was able to accelerate it to near the speed of light by either gravity or some future ion accelerator. Would everything on earth speed up for the observing telescope and hence allow us to see into our own future?
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    No, It wouldn't
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    From the telescope, lets say a few years would pass but say, on earth 2,000 years would pass. When the telescope looked at the earth, it would be a few years after you launched but things on earth would be 2,000 years later. But its not "seeing into our future" because the earth is 2,000 years older and the people who sent the telescope into space are now 2,000 years old (dead).
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    Right, for the telescope everything would slow down, not speed up. This would be an excellent method for seeing into the past!
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    Thank you for the insight!
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