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What would you want freed given $100m?

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    What would you want "freed" given $100m?

    From Slashdot...

    http://mail.wikipedia.org/pipermail/wikipedia-l/2006-October/045481.html [Broken]

    I'm all for scientific journals and textbooks. :approve:
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    well i think it might depend on the textbooks... journals would be good though because they're usually pretty expensive. how about the collected works of every "major" (whatever that means) scientist also.

    edit: not only that, how about the collected works of every major composer, author/novelist, playwright, philosopher, historian, engineer.... everything that's known about medicine, finance, economics, art history....
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    Patents on life saving drugs for killer diseases.
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    the slashdot thing said specific things, so off the top of my head right now I can only think of a couple things. how about random house's everyman's library
    and van nostrand's whole university series in higher mathematics (containing classics such as loomis' abstract harmonic analysis, kelley's general topology & gillman/jerison's rings of continuous functions)
    i guess there are many other additions to make but those are two classic series imho. i guess if the publishing rights for one series can be listed why not springer-verlag's graduate & undergraduate texts in mathematics also? & why not the whole penguin classics catalog also?
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