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What year did Jesus think it was?

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    I saw this while reading some George Carlin pages. But seriously, what year did Jesus think it was?
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    Today, April 10th, 2009 by the Gregorian Calendar is 16th of Nisan, 5769 in the Hebrew Calendar that Jesus would have used.

    Do the calculations for whichever year you are interested in.
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    jimmysnyder has an even better explanation that I'd like him to post.

    I'm re-opening this thread, but the first person that posts a religious or distasteful joke will regret it. :devil:

    This is now a discussion of history.
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    Thank you Evo.

    The practice of specifying the year in the Jewish Calendar from one year before the creation began in the third century A.D. Jesus would have been unaware of it. Here is a quote from the Britannica site:


    So the answer to the OP is "the xx year of the reign of the Emperor nnnn"
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    romans used years from the founding of the city about 800BCE
    a good thing as later they had multi rulers in the same year

    bible and or jewish history has few to no firm ties to good dates

    even your boy JC's birthday and birth year is unknown
    one of the few good dates is the death of Herod the great in 4 BCE
    so JC had to predate Herods death if the story is right about wisemen and killing of the kids

    but no records of that
    or the census
    and luke trys to tie in to a unknown ruler governing in syria
    so JC may have known the year but the bible writers didnot
    so we do not today
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