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What you know

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    what you know about middle east ...especially academia!!!!
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    I ain't no student,
    of ancient culture
    Before I talk
    I should read a book.
    But there's one thing I do know,
    There's a lot of ruins in Mesopotamia.

    Six or eight thousand years ago
    They laid down the law.
    Six or eight thousand years ago
    They laid down the law.
    In Mesopotamia.
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    Now when he was a young man,
    He'd never thought he'd see,
    (King Tut)
    People stand in line,
    To see the boy king.
    (King Tut)
    How'd you get so funky?
    (Funky Tut)
    They said you do the monkey.
    (Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia, King Tut)
    (King Tut)
    Now if I'd known,
    They'd line up just to see him,
    (King Tut)
    I'd've taken all my money,
    And bought me a museum.
    (King Tut)
    Buried with a donkey,
    (Funky Tut)
    He's my favorite honkey.
    (Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia, King Tut)
    Dancing by the Nile,
    (Disco dancing)
    The ladies love his style.
    (Fox Tut)
    Rockin' for a mile,
    (Rockin' Tut)
    He ate a crocodile.
    He gave his life for tourism.
    (King Tut)
    (Tut, tut. Tut, tut . . .)
    Golden idols!
    He's an Egyptian!
    They're selling you.
    (King Tut)
    Now when I die,
    Now don't think I'm a nut.
    (King Tut)
    Don't want no fancy funeral,
    Just one like old King Tut.
    (King Tut)
    He could'a won a Grammy,
    (King Tut)
    Buried in his 'jamies.
    (Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia, he was born in Arizona)
    He's got a condo made of stone-a. . .
    (King Tut)
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