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Whatching films on the net

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    What a load of dirt bags, i was watching a film hosted by megavideo, and when it came to the good bit a notice poped up saying, you have watched 72 mins please try again in 52mins.

    So, i found the same film in two halves hosted by yoko, so i selected the last half and all was okay for a while, but then the film stoped and i had to keep waiting for it load.

    I found the same film hosted by tudor, that was a waste of time, i waited 10 mins and nothing loaded.

    Is any of these (hosts) any good? i know these things are free but half of some thing free is as much use as a kick up the bum.
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    OOps ,seems this may be illegal, so please delete thread.
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    what were you watching? I watch videos all the time online. mostly tv shows I missed, but those ones are legal. if it is on megavideo it isn't illegal for you to watch it.
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    Heres the trick.

    Get Firefox

    Get Download Helper (a plugin for FF).

    It should be able to rip these types of vids.
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    Sorry wolram - didn't realise megavideo was a youtube thing,I thought it was a piracy site
    Since you are in the UK you can watch anything form the last week on the bbc with iPlayer.
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    No problems, i did imagine the fuzz knocking down my door and taking me away in a paddy wagon, or troopers armed to the teeth abseiling out of helicopters and raiding my cot.

    To be honest i do not know what is legal and what is not regarding watching stuff on the net, i just thought it was all paid for with the adds on the site, so how doe's one tell a pirate site from a legit one?

    I have Firefox, but all that other stuff, torrents and plug ins? i have a little box on my tool bar that has them, but i do not have a clue how they work, a streaming site i went to put up a pop up that said i needed x plug in to view the videos, so i clicked on it and my computer went up the spout.

    Any ways up all this is not worth the bother, one gets a tiny screen with very poor quality,
    Heck one i watched, a woman was mouthing words and seconds later it seemed like a bloke was talking with a female voice.
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    That's only if you're Brazilian.

    Youtube and megavideo etc are mostly illegal - but since they only allow short clips the TV and movie companies generally leave them alone.
    Occasionally some movie company gets in a sulk and demands that they remove all of their content, the same company then spends millions on adverts and trailers to try and promote the same stars they just banned from you tube.
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    I have the hacker mentality when it comes to movies and music online. I don't ever take money out of producers pockets. I'm not going to go to the theater to see most movies anyway. So I can not watch a movie and they don't get my money or I can watch it online and they don't get my money. If something comes out that I really want to see I might go to the theater maybe once every two years or so. That is the same rate i went before I could watch online so it doesn't touch their bottom line.
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