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Homework Help: Whats A Right Handed Triplet In Vectors ?

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    What Is Meant By A Right Handed Triplet ?

    Example Of A Body Having Zero Velocity But Having Acceleration ?
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    1.For the first question,i assume it's a right trihedron.Think about the Oxyz axis.The unit vectors [itex] \vec{i},\vec{j},\vec{k} [/itex] form a right trihedron.The right corkscrew rule can be applied.

    2.Think about the oscillatory movement
    [tex] x(t)=A\sin\omega t;v_{x}=A\omega \cos\omega t;a_{x}=-\omega^{2}A \sin\omega t [/tex]

    For [tex] t=\frac{\pi}{2\omega} [/tex],u'll find zero velocity and nonzero acceleration.

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