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What's a wisdom tooth

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    does it just mean the teeth furthest back in my mouth? I've got some teeth that never quite came all the way in. They are there, fully formed, but my gums are all the way around them and only a little bit of each one pushes through. I ask because one of them was bothering me a little bit. It didn't really hurt, but was uncomfortable. I reached into my mouth with a pair of needlenose pliers and... just kidding. I reached in with my fingers and wiggled it. and a big chunk of tooth came out in my fingers, does this mean I've used up the wisdom in that tooth?
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    ARRRGH Dentists are for tha lily livered
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    ps. I don't really want to know what a wisdom tooth is so don't go looking stuff up for me. I just want everyone to know that I'm sitting here with a broken tooth, sympathy would be welcome.
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    lol I know. tribdog I feel your pain, I hope you get better soon.

    http://www.kayteekollectibles.com/782001%20get%20well.jpg [Broken]
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    now THATS what I'm talkin bout.
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    I remember hearing somewhere that tooth problems can go hand-in-hand with heart problems.
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    The good news is if they've never come through the gums, they needed to be removed anyway. Something tells me you don't see your dentist as often as you should if nobody has pointed this out to you before. The bad news is that if they've been left in this long, there's a good chance they've been working on damaging the molars next to them too, and oral surgeons aren't cheap.

    When you get the teeth taken out, remember to stock up beforehand on soft foods, like soup and chili, because you won't be wanting to chew too much at first, and you won't be allowed to drive yourself anywhere the first day.
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