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B Whats causing my chair to move?

  1. Jul 1, 2016 #1
    Hello. I need help from you guys. I'm in a battle with the neighbors who are living above me. They stomp on my thin ceiling. After a few months I caught them waiting until I go to sleep and bothering me by shaking my unit somehow. I retaliated by nudging, not hitting, the ceiling. It seemed to work. So I thought........

    They have now caused a problem I can't begin to solve. Here goes.......I have a metal frame recliner and a sofa. So now whenever I sit in either, I get sensation of the cushion slowly expanding and contracting under my ass and back. They are able to do this over and over again silently. I lay down on carpet and could feel slight tremble. Its a slow and steady inflate and deflate. And when its near full expansion they are able to shake me in my chair a little. Please help.
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    Its not from my neighbor below. Shes a 92 year old woman. I live on the 4th floor and neighbors causing problem are on top floor - 5th. How would you cause this to someones chair who lived below you? High speed vibration? magnets? Magic........
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    The only reasonable explanation is one you probably don't want to hear. This is either all in your head or you have a medical condition. If this continues I would see your doctor or some sort of health professional. It's simply not possible for your neighbors to be affecting you in this way through any means known to science. Thread locked.
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