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Whats god made out of?

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    Ok i was just twidling my thumbs one day when i was like..."whoa if god exists what atoms is god made of"
    (lets just all, only for this post, say that god exists)
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    uhh, I'd say probably ectoplasm like on Ghostbusters.

    (But let us pretend that Ghostbusters is non fiction)
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    That's a good question. But if in fact God were the "Living Universe," as opposed to a "seperate entity" which stands outside of existence, then everything which we observe will have been borrowed by that which has already been pre-determined or, has always existed, "as God." In other words God is everything. Of course this is just a guess.
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    Everything I've read excepting some replies in this thread,

    say that 'God' is spirit which I don't believe is conventional matter or anti-matter or energy. Scientist say that Dark matter(which isn't really matter in the conventional sense) permeates the universe. If, dark matter is (or turns out to be) spirit, then I would say it is the substance of 'God' since 'God' is everywhere at once just as dark matter is. :wink:
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    Everything and Nothing

    god is made of everything and nothing...

    assuming these states are not just simple projections of a mind
    and assuming a mind is not just a simple construct of conscious energy
    and assuming energy is not a simple counterweight of nothing
    and assuming nothing is something other than something a mind has created
    and assuming something can exist without nothing
    and assuming assuming is a simple function of a mind and its assumuptions...


    God is made of assumptions.
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    I've heard so many good things of god that I would guess;

    Sugar and spice and everything nice...
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    in my view

    by people who want free food
    to be given to them
    and do no usefull work in return

    it has work very well
    for a very long time now
    for them
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    Clay. Original Gods were made of clay (=alumosilicates). So, atoms of Gods are Al, Si, Ca and O (and traces of Fe).
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    To toss my semi-new philosophy into this, like all concepts in the mind, God is assembled from our perceived experiences of the external world. See beautiful trees, and god is one with the trees. Sit in awe of thunder, and god is of lightning. God is hence composed of the things and feelings we recognise as atypical or wish to thank. A god tailor suited to every society?
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    How 'bout God = physical vacuum?

    Then He is everywhere and everywhen (omni requirements are satisfied), undetectable (thus another requirement is satisfied: existense/inexistense does not apply to Him, as shall be indeed the case with any true God), and could be even creator of it all (of big bangs/crunches, black & white holes, positive & negative energies and potentials of all kind, particles/waves, spaces and times of all kinds and dimensions, etc).
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    That sounds like the universe to me.

    Also, it leaves out the part of religion that serves the purpose of comfort, making god an alienated being, one we would never know.

    So ya, sounds like a good idea to me.
  13. May 5, 2003 #12
    Also (in connection with development of string theories): may be our 3-D God was created by Big Bang from 11-D God(s) ?
  14. May 5, 2003 #13
    What's god made of? Vain hopes and outmoded ideas.
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