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What's going on?

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    It's Friday, and I am on the PFs, as usual. Only, now, whenever I try to go to the homepage, a page appears that tells me I can't go to the Chat Event since it's only on Tuesday or Thursday. I never wanted to go to the Chat Event today, I was just trying to get back to the homepage. Is there some error?
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    Ok, I guess there was a Chat today :smile:.
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    Yes, it does that to me too sometimes, it opens up some sort of chat window in screen when that's not what I clicked on. Somehow I always manage to trick it into letting me onto the index page, though it's a different route every time. :smile:
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    Well, on the chat page there is a link that will take you to the forums.

    The trick is to open up two pages, both will be chat, in one click at the forum link. The other you can use for the chat event.. it can be done at the same time.
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    you are cute
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