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What's Hessian matrix ?

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    What's Hessian matrix ???

    Here are all my problem ~

    1. What's Hessian matrix ?

    2. How Hessian matrix was derived ?

    3. Can u recommend some books about this ?
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    Re: What's Hessian matrix ???

    1. I hate latex, so for a function of n variables, f(x1,...,xn) which is differentiable twice the hessian of the function is defined as


    2. It is a definition, it is not derived, however, there are some cool theorems with it such as an application to critical points.

    3. Any GOOD book on multivariable and vector calculus.


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    Re: What's Hessian matrix ???

    To Pinu7~

    Thank ur replying ~

    And the reason I want to ask Hessian was that I heard that Hessian Matrix can be used while proving Taylor's expension for multivariable

    How come is that ??
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