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What's in a name?

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    I see that "Strings, branes, and LQG" has become "Beyond the Standard Model". OK.

    But shouldn't it be "Beyond the Standard Models"?

    I offer this meditative prayer from the days of my youth:

    Beyond the shining silver sea
    the silent singer sings to thee.
    All your trials lie ahead,
    suffering brings enlightenment.
    Beyond, beyond, beyond the beyond,
    blessed be far travelor.

    It is partly a translation of a Hindi chant, "Gate gate paragate, Para sam gate bhodi shawi."

    Good voyages!

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    Because there's a Standard Model of particle physics, and GR is also the standard model of gravitation? And anything "professsionally researched" that goes beyond either of them belongs here? I would agree. The name was kind of a comittee choice by the mentors, and I believe it was nobody's first choice. I'd go for Heinlein's old title" "Beyond This Horizon".
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    Marcus' Beyond the Standard Muddle is better. Plurals are unnecessary. :smile:

    What sight so lured him thro' the fields he knew
    As where earth's green stole into heaven's own hue,
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    BTW Scientific American has a special issue out called Frontiers of Physics with an article on strings by Brian Greene and one on LQG by Lee Smolin. All at the very simple SciAm level. But I thought the title was a good one.
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    The problem with this is that (i) the SM is a model and (ii) GR is a theory.
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    Good grief! Let's not get into THAT again!

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