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What's in the space between atoms, or between nuclei and electrons?

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    Is it known what's between atoms, or between the nuclei of atoms and their electrons? There's a great deal of space (relative to the size of the particles) between the electrons of an atom and it's nuclei, so are there some particles in those spaces, or is it essentially a vacuum?

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    Yes,it's true...It's a lotta space called "vacuum"...Rutherford's 1909 gold-foil experiment showed that the matter inside an atom is very ... (opposite of crowdy :tongue2: )...

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    Their wavefunctions?

    Remember particles don't tend to have precisely defined locations (unless we do not know their momentum- see Uncertainty Principle) and the probability they will be present at a given location in space is described in terms of their wavefunction.

    I don't think there are any specific particles between the nuclei and the electrons, but it is possible passing particles would propagate through here.

    I would say it's essentially a vacuum.
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