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What's in your sweat?

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    This headband analyzes your sweat to improve your workout
    They have "...developed a wearable device that can analyze multiple components of sweat in real time, according tohttp://nature.com/articles/doi:10.1038/nature16521 [Broken] published in Nature today. That may have implications for doctors as well as athletes, because the metabolites and electrolytes that the human body secretes in sweat can be used to determine muscle fatigue as well as hydration levels."


    What a way to sell sports drinks! Can you imagine what's going to happen when they discover girls are NOT all 'sugar and spice and everything nice'?

    Next these devices will be in my toilet and I'll have to listen to announcements: "ALW we are concerned about all that wine you just drank....What vintage is it?? Stop drinking Italian and drink French" or " "That was not an 'organic' asparagus you just ate."

    One wonders what other diagnostics must be under investigation. This device could connect to your ipad and cell phone and contact your doctor.,,,output charts plotting your electrolyte losses...alarms going off when they drop too rapidly? Cold virus detection from that guy who just sneezed next to you? A friend touches your arm and you find, ughhhh, her hand is loaded with germs? You find the US government admonition to sneeze into you curled arm leaves your blouse drenched in crud? What a way to sell detergent!

    It's not enough we have people getting run down by cars, drivers getting into accidents, and people falling off cliffs while texting? Add google type heads up displays.... and somebody thought electrical engineering employment might be waning.
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    Dave, this is not funny.

    A toilet alarm suddenly blaring at me and I might fall in.
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    It could be expanded to also act as a coach.

    "Breeeeeathe..... OK now PUUUUUSHHH!!"
    "You missed a spot."
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    For an instant I thought that was 'couch'.....And all of a sudden I had visions of a monitor used to detect any anti government dreams, ala '1984' but more like '2084'.

    We already get fined for false house alarms...burglaries, etc; can you imagine all the chaos via false body monitor alarms?? Let's hope we can just stick with Life Alert [the button thingy advertised here in the US].

    And I am reminded also of colonoscopys, which at least are properly scheduled events.... and what are those 'pillcams' one swallows? Pretty soon "they" will have them miniaturized and in our Cheerios to see if anyone has consumed banned meats. Or has eaten too much in violation of soon to come Obamacare dietary restrictions.

    [Actually, my father in law had a 'pillcam' inspection recently and by gosh it detected a perforated something or other and he got promptly rolled into surgery.....all is well there......so I have to admit, there ARE benefits.]
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