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Homework Help: Whats isoamyl?

  1. Apr 9, 2006 #1
    Whats isoamyl???

    Hi i have a quick question i'm supposed to show how isoamyl propanoate is fromed. I know that this is esterification and that one of the reactants is propanoic acid but i don't know what the alcohol isoamyl is? I tried searching on google and all i get is test questions:mad: Plz help
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    o wiat i think i found something, is it another name for pentanol? (C5H11)
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    Are you sure it isn't 1-methyl-1-butanol, i checked the link but it doesn't seem right
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    doesn't isopentyl mean that the OH group is attached to the second Carbon, so how would you get 3-methyl-1-butanol. If that is right (3-methyl-1-butanol) then would isoamyl propanoate be the same as 3-methylbutyl propanoate?
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